Christian Marriage Retreat Packages Montana

Our Christian Marriage Retreat Packages are unique and one of the only husband & wife couple-to-couple retreats in North America. We have successfully counseled hundreds of couples over the past 18 yrs. Your unique goals as a couple are important to us and we will help you achieve them over the course of the weekend in beautiful Montana.

We have designed this retreat to help you create the marriage you always wanted! We tailor our counseling to identify the root causes of problems in your marriage and facilitate quick resolutions to your specific needs. A vibrant new beginning for your marriage is within reach!

You and your spouse will enjoy your marriage retreat in the peaceful beauty of nearby Glacier National Park, as well as the individualized attention and care from our counseling team. We utilize the best techniques & strategies to help you recognize potential hazards, overcome pitfalls, and begin celebrating one another again!

Based on our experience, the intensive counseling format provides a fast track to resolving your marital issues. Two-to-three-hour open-ended sessions empower the counseling process. Each of your individualized counseling sessions builds on the communication skills/tools newly mastered and process gained. Thus, providing you with the momentum necessary to resolve conflict, heal past wounds and build a solid relationship with each other. Our dynamic and interactive intervention format quickly resolves marital conflicts, communication challenges and personality incompatibilities. We consider God as the anchor of marital relationships; the one who provides true heart-to-heart transformation. Therefore, we begin counseling sessions with prayer.

Power & Compassion Christian Counseling has a dedicated support team that pray while your intensive counseling is in session. This prayer covering and the effective counseling interventions provide the catalysts for relational and emotional breakthroughs. As we prepare for you as a couple, we pray that this will be the divine appointment intended to transform your marriage.

Christian Marriage Retreat Packages:

The Gold Christian Marriage Retreat Package includes:

  • 4 day/3-night stay in your own private cabin
    Includes full kitchen, living area, bedroom and bathroom
  • Open-ended sessions, private and personalized
  • Husband and wife counseling team
  • Up to 17 hours of sessions
  • More in-depth sessions and counseling

The Silver Christian Marriage Retreat Package includes:

  • 4 day/3-night stay in your own private cabin
    Includes full kitchen, living area, bedroom and bathroom
  • Open-ended sessions, private and personalized
  • Husband and wife counseling team
  • Includes up to 12 hours of sessions and counseling

After your Marriage Retreat Weekend, you will have:

  • A personalized set of strategies & techniques and suggestions on how to reach your partner.
  • Learned and practiced a skill set that will empower you to use heart-to-heart communication so you understand your spouse and know how to make conflict the ally that leads to intimacy.
  • Be empowered to create and maintain the marriage that you always wanted.
  • A vision/mission statement plus a set of goals and objectives that you developed to implement during the coming year.
  • A strong supportive connection with your counselors, Dale and Adi.
  • Support via conference calls or on-line video conferencing will be available as needed or desired for couples that have attended a retreat.

Your Marriage Retreat Accommodations

Life is about love; it is as simple as that. In a covenant marriage laced with grace, forgiveness, and accountability life’s most simple and difficult truths can find a home and become a reality. It is in this atmosphere of tender loving care that your deep hurts are healed, trust is built, and your eyes are open to see each other for the gifts you are meant to be.

Part of building an intimate relationship is creating these moments that stand out as harbors where you have shared moments of delight. For this purpose, you could not ask for a better location than your accommodations in a picturesque cabin nestled in a meadow close to Glacier National Park.

Your private cabin is located 10 minutes outside the west entrance of the spectacular ‘Crowned Jewel of the Continent’. Within a 20-mile radius of your cabin you will find dozens of peaceful mountain lakes, rivers and walking trails. There will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the surrounding areas as you process between counseling sessions. However, you might just decide to stay inside the cabin, make a special dinner, put together a puzzle or snuggle up with a cozy fire. Whether it’s dawn or dusk, you will enjoy watching the deer that frequent the meadow.

A pleasant surprise for visitors to our area is the weather patterns. Summer temperatures range from the 70’s to the 80’s. It is a dry type of heat that just makes you feel good all over. Conversely winter temperatures range in the 20’s to 30’s it is also a dry kind of cold that is quite comfortable. Our weather patterns make a trip to northwest Montana enjoyable for sightseeing and outdoor activities any time of the year: during the summer hot air balloon, helicopter rides, horseback trail rides are available; winter opportunities include two world class alpine ski resorts, snowmobiling and dog-sled tours just to mention a few.



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