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..."Exceeded what we both had imagined"...

Our expectations of what to expect with counseling for our marriage exceeded what we both had imagined and hoped for... the expertise and compassion was a perfect blend, bringing love and healing back to our relationship and leaving us with peace and joy with each other as a renewed couple in Christ.

Thank you both Dale and Adi - God Bless your ministry.

- Love, Al & Lettie, New York



..."Your Ministry is a True Blessing "...

Thank you for this weekend, your compassionate leading helped us in many areas of our lives.
Your ministry is a true blessing!

- Lee & Karen, Montana


..."Truly a Great Experience"...

This was truly a great experience. I feel this series of sessions has brought Holly and I closer to
each other & God as our marriage leader.

- Zack & Holly, California




..."Our progress gained from the Intensive was more than a year of traditional therapy. "...

Dear Dale and Adi,


I am so relieved that you two were so effective with us. The climate at home is so different now.


Curt and I are so different from each other that it was really nice to have someone translate

for us what the other person really meant and how to communicate in the future.


Our progress gained from the Intensive was more than a year of traditional therapy.


Thank you and God Bless.

- Katie & Kurt G., Pennsylvania


..."Absolutely overwhelmed and inspired by the Intensive Weekend Retreat"...

Just a quick note to let you know that we were absolutely overwhelmed and inspired by the Intensive
Weekend Retreat that we had with you...we cannot thank you enough for your patience, counseling and
for helping us get closer to Jesus. Not only was the counseling a marvelous experience, but also the setting was something out of a fairytale.


We have been doing the exercises that you suggested and they have really helped our relationship. With the grace of God we are confident that we will stay together for many years to come.


Luis and Marcela E., Florida



..."Equipped us with essential tools and information"...

Dale and Adi were wonderfully instrumental in the three short days and nights that we spent with them during the Marriage Intensive weekend. They equipped us with the tools and information that has been essential in building a Godly family. Thank you for the good shepherding and counseling from your heart.


- Richard, California



..."The thing that impressed me most was the focus on God"...

This past weekend was very special and helpful to me. God used it to bless me in several ways. when I first entered the cabin I found it to be very relaxing. the fire was going in the fireplace. The ambiance was very relaxing. the extra touches were appreciated. The thing that impressed me most was the focus on God. I appreciated that each session started and ended with prayer...this meant a lot to me. Dale and Adi made me feel at ease and made the sharing easier...I really felt God working and teaching me through each of them.

- Carol, California

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..."I wholeheartedly endorse Power & Compassion Christian Ministries and Dale & Adi Lee"...

During the past year under the weight of my and my wife's jobs, communication had broken down so completely that the littlest topics would create conflict. Deeply in love with my wife of 24 years, I was at a loss as to why, with the best intentions, I couldn't convey that love. Desperate for help the lord led me to Power & Compassion Christian Ministries.


Professional and articulate, Dale and Adi unfolded an effective and efficient counseling plan. There was ample attention given to deep individual needs along with interpersonal marriage communication skill exercises that reshape thinking... Now as we close and prepare to go back home, the optimism abounds. We are laughing when three days ago we couldn't agree on what was for lunch without starting an argument. I wholeheartedly endorse Power & Compassion Christian Ministries and Dale & Adi Lee.

- Alan S., Montana



..."I am excited for the first time in a long time"...

This weekend was more than I could have ever hoped for. Alan & I were truly on the verge
of separating... you both are very much anointed from the Lord, and are also very knowledgeable
in counseling. After spending three days with you I feel like I can and want to make our marriage last... I now understand so much more about the inner me and what I need to do to improve myself. I know that I have a long way to go as far as working on forgiving myself, but with the help of the Lord, Alan and the both of you I will achieve this.


- Barbara S., Montana


..."Very In-Tune With our Needs"...

God led us to Power and Compassion Counseling and we are very grateful. Dale & Adi were very in-tune with our needs and gave us a number of great tools to use to strengthen our marriage. They showed kindness and compassion and treated us with respect. We definitely saw God's love shining through them. We feel incredibly blessed to have had this time with them.

- Maury & Tania, BC Canada



..."God has blessed Dale and Adi with a gift"...

Coming to Montana was a wonderful getaway from the "real world." Through our counseling we were able to discover a new side of one another. We were able to explore our emotional issues and find key ways to communicate. The one on one time was remarkable. We are now more prepared to handle ups & downs in the future.


God has blessed Dale and Adi with a gift of exposing Gods plan for your marriage and helping you find the tools that God has for you. Thank you for the blessing...


- Meg V., Texas



..."I have learned a lot"...

Before coming to Power & Compassion Christian Counseling I had a lot of problems communicating with my spouse as well as other personal resentment towards myself and others.

[Through your counseling] I have learned a lot about my personality type which I never knew before. I have also learned new things about my spouses personality that has helped me be able to understand where she is coming from and how to communicate with her on her level.


- Ron N., Texas


..."I believe there is now hope for our marriage to blossom"...

My wife and I had been discussing divorce...we both loved each other but were having problems communicating with each other, this was leading to discourse in both of our lives. By attending your weekend Intensive...I believe there is now hope for our marriage to blossom into what God intended. Through the communication skills we have learned [during the counseling Intensive] I have been able to look deeper into myself so that I might better help my wife and my family by setting a standard in our lives.


- Matt M., Arizona


The investment we make in the lives of our spouses produces health and happiness for our families and society. We look forward to helping you with your journey together.

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