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..."I wholeheartedly endorse Power & Compassion Christian Ministries and Dale & Adi Lee"...

During the past year under the weight of my and my wife's jobs, communication had broken down so completely that the littlest topics would create conflict. Deeply in love with my wife of 24 years, I was at a loss as to why, with the best intentions, I couldn't convey that love. Desperate for help the Lord led me to Power & Compassion Christian Ministries.


Professional and articulate, Dale and Adi unfolded an effective and efficient counseling plan. There was ample attention given to deep individual needs along with interpersonal marriage communication skill exercises that reshape thinking... Now as we close and prepare to go back home, the optimism abounds. We are laughing when three days ago we couldn't agree on what was for lunch without starting an argument. I wholeheartedly endorse Power & Compassion Christian Ministries and Dale & Adi Lee.

- Alan S., Montana



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The investment we make in the lives of our spouses produces health and happiness for our families and society. We look forward to helping you with your journey together.


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