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Marriage Retreats

When the topic of marriage retreats come to mind, most people think that they are only for those in troubled marriages. After all, if it isn't broken, why fix it, right? That is generally true but it is also true that a marriage retreat is not only for the troubled. Those in loving, blissful marriages will also benefit from Christian marriage counseling because no one is perfect. Even if you and your spouse generally get along very well, there will always be a couple of kinks in your relationship.


It is natural for relationships to run into a few snags every now and then, and often times couples are able to iron out their problems without any help, however attending a marriage retreat with your spouse can be one of the most powerful things that you can do for your marriage relationship. The marriage retreats offered at ChristianMarriageRetreats.net cover all aspects of marital relationships. You can be sure that whatever you and your spouse are having trouble with will be covered at one of Power & Compassion's intensive marriage retreats, even if your relationship is already pretty well off, you will find that attending a marriage retreat together can have a profound impact on the quality and closeness of the bond that you have with your spouse. Of course troubled couples will probably gain the most benefit from attending a marriage retreat.


Marriage Retreats: What To Expect


Marriage retreats will differ from one to another, depending on who is leading the retreat. Power & Compassion Christian Counseling is a counseling program ran by Dale and Adi Lee M.A. LCPC. Dale and Adi Lee are a married couple themselves so they know exactly what sort of problems marriages can encounter throughout the years. They know how to talk to couples about their problems and you will find that both you and your spouse will benefit from personalized one-on-one counseling with your counselor as well as combined counseling and therapy sessions where you will have the opportunity to communicate and share together with your spouse and both counselors together.


What sets Power & Compassion Counseling and counselors Dale & Adi Lee apart from other couples or individual counselors? Power & Compassion Christian Counseling is guided by a personal Christian approach, backed by clinical methods for counseling so all bases are covered for healing and transformation. In fact, marriage retreats offered by Power & Compassion Christian Counseling boast to renew love and intimacy in more than 90% of the participating couples. There will be different areas covered during an intensive counseling retreat, which ensures that couples will benefit from a complete and comprehensive healing process for their marriage and their relationship. However if there are specific situations where you feel you need additional help in, you may specify at ChristianMarriageRetreats.net if there are certain areas you wish to work on more with your spouse. Some of the areas focused by a marriage retreat program include: affair prevention and repair; interpersonal difficulties; anger and stress management; covenant contract marriage; secure attachment development; in-depth lifelong emotional pain resolution; physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy; depression and anxiety; issues about family origin; personal differences integration; blending family concerns; and individual counseling. For Spanish-speaking participants, bilingual counseling may also be offered.


The Retreat


It was in 1976 when Dale and Adi Lee met in Montana's Glacier Country, as each was resting and taking in the beauty of the mountains, rivers, lakes and forests of northwest Montana, and the dream of a Montana-based marriage retreat was born.


Dale and Adi both shared a love for the outdoors, leading to a friendship that would blossom into an everlasting covenant. Of course it stood to reason that the marriage retreats offered by Power & Compassion Christian Counseling were to be located in a secluded spot with mountain views. Power & Compassions retreat cabin is situated in a peaceful meadow just a few minutes away from Glacier National Park.


A couple-to-couple approach is practiced during the retreats to ensure that both parties will be given the chance to speak, be heard, and understood. Understanding your spouse, after all, is integral to working out a marriage. Different areas are covered but particular emphasis is placed on communication skills to foster understanding between the couple and personal responsibility. Additionally, there is also time allotted for hot button areas to aid in restoring love and harmony in the relationship by tackling issues that may have been avoided in the past thus keeping the couple away from real reconciliation. If you want to find out more about what marriage retreats can do for you and your family, you can check out the testimonials page with many testimonies from previous participants.



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What you can expect from our Marriage Intensives:

The marriage retreat includes personalized, individual one-on-one counseling with counselors Dale & Adi Lee. Power & Compassion uses a couple-to-couple approach in order to maximize the relational gains that you and your spouse will experience during this intensive counseling retreat.

  • The marriage retreat is a three day intensive that can be scheduled either over the weekend or during the week, whichever works best for your schedule.
  • The retreat consists of six counseling sessions each being two to three hours in length depending on your individual needs.
  • Between the focus sessions you and your spouse will be able to process and reflect on the gains that you have made. Furthermore, you will experience a healing influence from the exceptional beauty of this area, which will settle your hearts and nourish your souls.
  • Our 5 star (*****) romantic cabin will be all yours for the three days of your stay. Your counselors (Dale and Adi Lee) will join you at the cabin during the focus sessions, but after the sessions are over for the day, you and your spouse will have the cabin to yourself so that you may enjoy the peace, quiet, and romantic seclusion of this beautiful retreat.
  • Power & Compassion Counseling has a dedicated support team that prays for you and your spouse while the intensive counseling is in session. The prayer covering and the effective counseling interventions provide the catalysts for relational and emotional breakthroughs. As each couple comes, we pray that it will be a divine appointment intended to transform their marriage.

During the marriage intensive you will learn to:

  • take more risks and be able to be honest and open with your feelings.
  • rekindle the flame of passion and reconnect with your spouse both emotionally and physically
  • reestablish trust between you and your spouse
  • cast aside feelings of anger and resentment
  • understand how to take responsibility for your own actions without blaming your partner
  • get in touch with the source of unconditional love and be able to love again
  • develop a shared vision of the life you desire to have together
  • let go of expectations and inhibitions and see each other as gifts

After the marriage intensive you will have...

  • A personalized folder of strategies & techniques and suggestions of how to reach your partner
  • Mastered a simple and direct method that allows heart-to-heart communication and understanding of your spouse
  • Learned and practiced a skill set that will empower you to make conflict an alley to intimacy
  • A vision statement and a set of goals and objectives that you developed and will implement during the coming year.
  • A strong supportive connection with your counselors, Dale and Adi
  • A six month follow-up contact to ensure ongoing progress and success
  • Conference calls or online video conferencing will be available if a need arises


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The investment we make in the lives of our spouses produces health and happiness for our families and society. We look forward to helping you with your journey together.


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