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Marriage is meant to be the most fun, heartwarming, and enriching journey of your lifetime.  This journey is likely to take you over some of life’s steepest mountains and through some dark valleys, but ultimately it is a journey which is intended to bring you far more enrichment, love and happiness than any other path could ever provide.


Unfortunately at times married couples seem to veer off course and lose their way. Are you looking to rekindle and reawaken a fading love?   Maybe you feel like your love has long since faded, and you are exerting one last-ditch effort to save a crumbling marriage.  Perhaps you simply want your marriage to become more vibrant and inviting. Our Marriage Intensive Retreat is exactly what you need.


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Today, the relationship you always wanted is within your reach. Your marriage deserves the peaceful beauty of this area and two Christian counselors dedicated to seeing your dreams turned into reality. Our interactive fast track method is geared toward conflict resolution, reestablishing emotional intimacy, and heart-to-heart communication. You will learn and experience practical skills enabling you to have a successful and loving marriage for years to come. You will understand each other in ways you have not thought possible, becoming aware of your relational dynamics and how your strengths and weaknesses can be used to maximize your relationship. Also, you will have the experiential knowledge as you partner with God in making your marriage a place of love and happiness.


Life is about love, it is as simple and as difficult as that. Yet, in a covenant marriage laced with grace, forgiveness, and accountability life’s most simple and difficult truths can find a home and become a reality. It is in the atmosphere of tender loving care that deep hurts are healed, trust is built and our eyes are open to see each other for the gift we are meant to be.


Part of building an intimate relationship is creating those moments that stand out as harbors where we have shared moments of delight. For this purpose, you could not ask for a better location than a picturesque cabin nested in a meadow close to Glacier National Park.


Your private cabin will be located 10 minutes outside the west entrance of the most spectacular National Park. Within a 20 mile radius of your cabin you will find dozens of peaceful mountain lakes, rivers and walking trails. There will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the surrounding areas as you process between counseling sessions. However, you might just decide to stay inside the cabin beside a cozy fire and watch the deer that frequent the meadow.


A pleasant surprise for visitors to our area is the weather patterns. Summer temperatures range from the 70's to the 80's. It is a dry-type of heat that just makes you feel good all over. Conversely winter temperatures range in the 20's to 30's it is also a dry kind of cold that is quite comfortable. Our weather patterns make a trip to northwest Montana enjoyable for sightseeing and outdoor activities any time of the year: during the summer hot air balloon, helicopter rides , horseback trail rides are available; winter opportunities include two world class alpine ski resorts, snowmobiling and dog-sled tours just to mention a few.


What you can expect from our Marriage Intensives:

You and your spouse will be meeting and working solely with us, Dale & Adi Lee. We have chosen a couple-to-couple approach to maximize the relational gains that you and your spouse will experience.

  • The marriage retreat is a three day intensive that can be scheduled either over the weekend or during the week, whichever works best for your schedule.
  • The retreat consists of six counseling sessions each being two to three hours in length depending on your individual needs.
  • Between the focus sessions you and your spouse will be able to process and reflect on the gains that you have made. Furthermore, you will experience a healing influence from the exceptional beauty of this area, which will settle your hearts and nourish your souls.
  • Our 5 star (*****) romantic cabin will be all yours for the three days of your stay. My wife and I will join you at the cabin during the focus sessions, but after the sessions are over for the day, we will leave the cabin for you and your spouse to enjoy in peace, quiet, and romantic seclusion.
  • Power & Compassion Counseling has a dedicated support team that pray while the intensive counseling is in session. The prayer covering and the effective counseling interventions provide the catalysts for relational and emotional breakthroughs. As each couple comes, we pray that it will be a divine appointment intended to transform their marriage.

During the marriage intensive you will learn to:

  • take more risks and be able to be honest and open with your feelings.
  • rekindle the flame of passion and reconnect with your spouse both emotionally and physically
  • reestablish trust between you and your spouse
  • cast aside feelings of anger and resentment
  • understand how to take responsibility for your own actions without blaming your partner
  • get in touch with the source of unconditional love and be able to love again
  • develop a shared vision of the life you desire to have together
  • let go of expectations and inhibitions and see each other as gifts

After the marriage intensive you will have...

  • A personalized folder of strategies & techniques and suggestions of how to reach your partner
  • Mastered a simple and direct method that allows heart-to-heart communication and understanding of your spouse
  • Learned and practiced a skill set that will empower you to make conflict an alley to intimacy
  • A vision statement and a set of goals and objectives that you developed and will implement during the coming year.
  • A strong supportive connection with your counselors, Dale and Adi
  • A six month follow-up contact to ensure ongoing progress and success
  • Conference calls or online video conferencing will be available if a need arises


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The investment we make in the lives of our spouses produces health and happiness for our families and society. We look forward to helping you with your journey together.


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